See Wendy's latest feature in Psychic News Magazine June 2019 issue. Wendy's next workshop will be on Tarot Lenormand and Kipper Cards on 11th August 2019 at Woodford Spiritualist Church. See their website for information:

Wendy Stokes writes regularly for Spirit & Destiny Magazine's Expert Panel and frequently for Psychic News Magazine. She has extensive experience of writing for mind, body and spirit publications, including articles, reviews and interviews. Her weekly dream interpretation column appeared in the Sunday Mirror magazine throughout 1999.

She has provided feature articles for More to Life, Prediction, Caduceus, Resurgence, Kindred Spirit, Soul & Spirit, High Spirit, Eternal Spirit, Psychic News, and Bellesprit, amongst others. She has a columnist page on The Spirit Guides and on Health-Happiness Magazine.

Wendy wrote a 10,000 word dissertation (1991) and her editing services were commissioned by AGM Urania for the The Mystical Lenormand Oracle Card Deck (2016). 

Her articles and promotional services are varied and often the result of her training and experience in a variety of fields including marketing and project management.

Her specialities are personal growth, psychology and aspects of the New Age enlightenment, including counselling, coaching, mentoring and tutoring.

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