One of the most popular way to read fortunes is by laying out cards. In fact, many psychics use ordinary playing cards, others use tarot and other ancient and modern oracle card decks. There are several layouts that can be used, for instance 3 card - past, present and future, 5, 8 or 12 card layouts are also popular for more advanced readings. The decks she uses offer insight, inspiration and inner guidance, with a masterful hint of the often elusive serendipity.        

Wendy brings the goddess 'Fortuna', and impressive crystal gemstones of all colours - and some magic dust - to the table as she lays out the cards which have been chosen by the client. Wendy has great psychic powers and has worked with many international clients of distinction. Over the past twenty years, she has used a variety of card decks. Her psychic readings are always different, focused, precise and uplifting.