One of the most popular way to read fortunes is by laying out playing cards (as the Gypsies do), other practitioners use oracle and tarot cards that come in a large variety of themes, such as the circus, animals and 'fun' decks. There are several layouts that can be used, for instance 3 card - past, present and future, 5, 8 or 12 card layouts are also popular for more advanced readings. The decks used are for entertainment only, with lighthearted readings that have a 'feel good' factor for the customers, with a masterful hint of the often elusive serendipity!       

Wendy brings impressive crystal gemstones of all colours - and magic dust - to the reading area, as she lays out the cards selected for your specific venue.

     Over the past twenty years, Wendy has worked with many international clients of distinction, for individuals and groups, such as the corporate sector.

     You will choose an entertainment package that includes a reader who will be well presented, suitably attired for the chosen theme, well qualified, experienced with this client group and insured.

  • Circus Packages: Circus themed card decks. 
  • Vintage and Veteran Decks: Victorian and Italian Renaissance themes.
  • Ethnic Themes: Chinese, Egyptian, Viking
  • Gold Themes: with gold embossed and gold edged cards.

Art Installation Exhibition: In addition to card readers, Circus Arts provides a selection of hired popular works of framed hand painted artworks which focus on the package chosen.

Moveable Shop: A small shop counter offers items suitable for the theme.

Please telephone Wendy's desk for demonstrations and futher options to suit your venue. 

Email: w, T: 020 8524 5101